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Roxbury Commons Residential, LLC
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Roxbury Commons Residential, LLC's team of Behavioral Health professionals provide the following services:
All Services are provided on-site. Our treatment program is comprised of 5 Phases which provide individuals the opportunity to progress in treatment by meeting specific goals. While all phases include individual counseling and group therapy, the last treatment phase also includes vocational training, work readiness training, employment opportunities off-site, and education regarding identification of consequences for their behaviors and choices. This phase also includes a more defined focus on the development and enhancement of Life Skills, the development of problem solving skills and interpersonal skills, and the application of principles to effect personal change in thinking, attitude & actions. Budgeting, interviewing & good work practices will also be taught as part of our program. As our clients progress through treatment, they will be encouraged to keep practicing their new healthy lifesyle while adjusting, and develop a support network that will serve them after discharge.
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